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    To log in:

    • In your web browser, type
      Please bookmark this page for future reference.
    • Enter the Source Username and Password you were assigned, click Sign In.
    • If you have less than 10 students, click their name on the top to change students.
      Image of Source student selection
    • If you have more than 10 students, use the drop-down menu on the top left to change students.
      Image of select student drop-down


    • Grades and Attendance:  Overview of the student's current classes, grades and attendance.
    • School Bulletin:  If the school has posted a bulletin, you may read it here.  Most schools post bulletins on their school website.
    • School Information:  School address and phone number.
    • Assessments:  If the student took district or state assessments while attending SPS, their scores will appear here.  If the student did not take or complete assessments while attending SPS, there will be no content.
    • Library:  Displays the student's current library record.
    • Help:  Technical Tips, FAQs, and other resources.
    • Advanced Learning:  Only displays if the student qualified for Advanced Learning.
    • WELPA Scores:  Only displays if the student completed the Washington English Language Proficiency Assessment for ELD (English Language Development) placement and services.

    Elementary students:

    At this time, elementary assignments and grades are not displayed on The Source.  
    Classes shown for students in grades K-5 are not necessarily displayed in period order.  They are a list of subjects the student will be studying throughout the day. 

    Attendance for elementary students displays below their courses.  Click the number of absences for more information.

    Secondary students:

    • Exp is the period.
    • An icon with two figures means there is a co-teacher, click the icon to learn more.
    • To view grade details, click a grade.  If there is no grade, click a dash to see if the teacher has posted assignments. 
    • Attendance for secondary students is at the far right.  Click an absence number for details.  The Legend appears at the bottom of the screen.

    Image of Source grades