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    Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Prevention Resources

    Sexual Assault Awareness Month, April 2016

    A Safer Family. A Safer World: Info for Families of Children under 12

    A Safer Family. A Safer World (English)pdf icon

    What is Sexual Assault: Info for Teens

    What is sexual assault: (English)pdf icon

    General Notice: What is Sexual Harassment or Sexual Assault

    General Notice (English)pdf icon

    Know Your Rights

    Know Your Rights (English) pdf icon

    Additional Resources

    What is sexual harassment and how do you report it?

    Information for those affected by sexual harassment

    Know Your IX: nine things you should know about Title IX Rights and your school's Title IX responsibilitiespdf icon


    SPS Complaint Form

    SPS Student Handbook

    SPS Policy and Procedure

    Task Force

    Updated 9/12/2016