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    Seattle Public School’s Strategic Plan, Excellence for All, commits the District to ensuring high expectations and a high quality school for every student. As part of a system-wide effort to increase the number of Seattle Public School students that graduate from high school prepared for college and the 21st century work force, Seattle Public School (SPS) has committed to a curriculum alignment in core academic subjects across all schools. 4th and 8th grade Washington State History classes will begin alignment during the 2009-2010 school year.

    An aligned curriculum is a coherent and consistent progression of content, instruction, and assessment within a course of study.
    Washington State History courses will align to the following:

    • Essential content knowledge and skill necessary to being successful in the next course in the sequence and a progression to college and work
    • Washington State Social Studies Essential Academic Learning requirements
    • Textual materials and supporting instructional documents selected and/or designed by Seattle Public Schools

    Horizontal and Vertical Alignment

    Furthermore, each course in the core curriculum will be aligned horizontally with identified course outcomes so that courses with the same name across SPS reach the same goals. Some content courses will be aligned vertically to ensure students possess the knowledge and skills to be successful in the next course in the sequence. Where the skill and content knowledge is not required for the subsequent course, the content of the course will increase in challenge and academic content. Not only will the curriculum be aligned to the college ready state standards but also to the curriculum taught in the previous grades.

    Common Assessments

    In addition to measuring student progress, guiding teachers’ instruction, and focusing student learning, common assessments will also inform building improvement and district-wide decision pertaining to curriculum and instruction.