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    At Seattle Public Schools we Save Resources

    • We have monitored use since 2008 and continue to find opportunities to reduce resource use to cut costs, save money and improve the teaching and leaning environment.
    • Accommodation is available if you need these files converted into a different format. We are updating data as resources become available for the task. Contact:

    Conservation Shared Saving Awards for 2016-17

    Over the 2016-2017 school year, seventy-five schools achieved at least one conservation goal and have been awarded shared savings funds. The funds are awarded for achieving conservation goals in water (42) and energy (40) conservation and waste reduction (40.) The 2016-2017 school year saw our energy costs increase as we experienced colder temperatures in the winter and warmer temperatures in the summer. Each school has been provided with detailed information about its resource use and costs to help us all stay comfortable while keeping our energy, water and waste bills manageable. We want to avoid wasting resources so that funds may be directed towards our primary district goal of: Every Student. Every Classroom. Every Day

    Shared Savings Awards totaling $40,200 will now be shared with the 75 achieving schools. Most schools have a Green Team comprised of students, teachers, and parents. They work with custodians and after school programs to ensure that schools are making good conservation choices and taking actions to avoid waste. Other excellent school partners include YMCA Earth Service Corps Clubs and Washington Green Schools Program.

    The goal of these programs is to encourage a culture of conservation at every school in our District. We encourage Green teams from every school to apply for specific Green Team Funding. Please see the on-line application available at:


    Shared Savings Frequently Asked Questions

    How and when will my school receive the award money?
    The total award amount will be transferred to the supply reserve line, 5990, in a new school account called “Utility Conservation”. The budget coding for Utility Conservation awards will be fund – 1000 and fund center __X7927425. Shared Savings Awards will be transferred to your school shortly, and are in addition to any Utility Conservation funding received previously. Earned money is intended for use on the conservation items listed below.

    What can we purchase with the award?


    How is the award calculated?

    There are three conservation goal categories: energy, water, and waste. For each category, funds are allocated to those school that achieve the “conservation goal” for each category. Conservation goals are:

    Energy: less than or equal to 3700 Btu/Ft2/Month;
    Water: less than or equal to 75 gallon/student/month;
    Waste: greater than or equal to 4 cubic feet/student/month.




    How are school data calculated?

    • “ENERGY” is calculated using both electricity and natural gas consumption data, which is first converted to Btu (British Thermal Units). Electricity = kilowatt hours of use x 3413 Btu/kWh. Natural Gas = Therms of use x 100,000 Btu/Therm. Energy data is given in Btu / gross square feet (including portables) / month. Energy is typically consumed by running heating and cooling systems, lights, electrical and kitchen appliances.

    • “WATER” is calculated based on sewer consumption data. It does not include metered irrigation. Water is converted from CCF (one hundred cubic feet) to gallons. Water = CCF of use x 748 gallons/CCF. Water data is given in gallons of water / number of students / month. Water is typically used for toilets/urinals and sinks.

    • “REFUSE” is estimated based on the size outdoor dumpsters and their frequency of pickups. Refuse = (garbage dumpster size x number of pickups) + (mixed recycling dumpster size x number of pickups) + (food waste compost dumpster size x number of pickups). Refuse data is given in cubic feet / student / month.


    Data Summary: Energy, Water, Waste
    Savings usage graphs: Energy, Water, Waste

    Data Summary: EnergyWaterRefuse
    Savings usage graphs: EnergyWaterRefuse

    Savings Data Summary: EnergyWaterRefuse
    Shared Savings usage graphs: EnergyWaterRefuse

    Savings Data Summary
    Savings usage graphs: energywaterrefuse

    Savings Data Summary
    Savings usage graphs: energywaterrefuse

    Savings Data Summary*
    Savings usage graphs: energy*, waterrefuse

    Savings Data Summary*
    Savings usage graphs* -large file

    Savings Data Summary*
    Savings usage graphs* -large file

    *Energy data and graphs for this period are NOT comparable to current year data due to changes in square footage calculations.

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