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    Website Editing Tips and Resources

    These quick reference guides are designed to deliver tips and resources to help you manage your Seattle Public Schools webpages. On these pages, you can find step by step instructions; you can also download these instructions to share or as a quick reference.

    It is the hope of the Web Support Team that you find the SharpSchool website editing and management tool easy and effective. We'd love to hear from you! Please email us at

    Thanks for all you do to help our students, families and community!

    To learn more about accessibility and why it is so important check out the Accessible Educational Resources Portal

    Switch to New Toolbar

    All future QRDs, videos, and training will utilize the newer black toolbar instead of the classic grey toolbar. This video will show you how to switch to the new toolbar.


    Document Management

    You can upload documents to link on webpages. You can also upload image and media files to show on your webpages. To keep files and documents safe, we recommend not deleting folders when managing documents for your department pages.

    Image Manager

    Learn how to upload images, adjust their size, margins, and alignment.


    Newsletters are a great method of communications with your families and community.

    News Stories

    Create news stories to display on your school homepage.

    School Website Staff Pages

    Edit your staff profile page to add an email address, bio and profile photo

    School Calendar

    Add events to your school's calendar to keep families informed on the happenings at your school.


    Manage the navigation menus so that pages and information are easily accessible.

    Creating Links

    Creating Hyperlinks, Page Links, Email Links, and Anchors

    Modifying Pages

    How to Create, Move, Hide, Archive, and Delete a Page

    Accessible Documents

    We chose SchoolMessenger Presence as our new Content Management System (CMS) for their ability to be ADA accessible. As a district, we are also responsible to be compliant with ADA web guidelines. Here are some helpful resources to get you started.

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    Add Resources to Home Page (school editors only)

    How to add links to the Resources section of the school home page.