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    Resolutions Adopted by the Board

    2017/18-1        Certifying that the Wing Luke Elementary Replacement Project will not Create or Aggravate                                  Racial Imbalance

            Career and Technical Education (CTE) Partnerships

    2017/18-4        Certification of 2018 Operations Levy

    2017/18-5        Supporting Undocumented Students

    2017/18-6        Requesting Inclusion of School Uses in Fort Lawton EIS

    2017/18-7        Certifying the 5-year use as an instructional building and 30-year building life of Lincoln                                        High School

    2017/18-9  Opposing Any Changes to City of Seattle Municipal Code SMC to Allow Charter Schools to                                     Seek Departures from Building Development Standards

    2017/18-10      To Affirm the Vision for Equitable Access to Advanced Coursework in all High Schools and                                     Develop the Detailed Plan for Implementation by 2021-22.  

    2017/18-12      Approving the Purchase of 18 Acre Parcel located at 13001 MLK Jr. Way S. 

    2017/18-14     To Declare that the Lives of Black Students Matter, as well as the lives of all of our students                                of color, and that we encourage participation district-wide in the Nation Black Lives                                              Matter At School Week from Feb. 5-7, 2018.