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    How and when will my school receive Utility Conservation Program money?

    When funding allows, we help share utility savings across the District. Our new program shares savings with all schools, including new schools and schools at interium sites. In the past, only  schools at their site for over a year were eligible. The amount of shared savings available is calculated based on resource use over the previous school year.

    There are three interconnected Utility Conservation Programs:

    1. Shared Savings Awards
    2. Green Team Funding
    3. Conservation Champions

    Shared Savings Award money in the Winter will be deposited into school accounts. All schools receive a Shared Savings notification by email. Results for each school are provided to help identify areas of excellence and opportunity.
    Green Team Funding is awarded based on applications submitted by each school. Winning teams are notified by email and funds are transferred every year in the Winter. Conservation Champion Awards are not monetary. Champions are nominated in the Spring and recognized before the end of the school year.


    All money is transferred into the school budget account titled "Utility Conservation". The total award amount will be transferred to the supply reserve line, 5990. The budget coding for Utility Conservation awards will be fund– 1000 and fund center _X7927425.

    Is my school eligible for Utility Conservation Funding?

    Shared Savings Award: All schools are awarded funds based on district conservation results.  Savings are based on utility use during the previous year. All District schools receive utility data and usage graphs.

    Green Team Funding: All schools are eligible to apply for Green Team Funding. Applications are typically due in the Spring. Green Teams fill out a short application and are encouraged to become a certified Green School through the Washington Green Schools program. Schools do not need to be or to become certified in order to receive funding.

    Conservation Champion Award: Anyone can nominate a Conservation Champion involved in any of our schools. Nominations can be any length and may include pictures or other supporting documents.

    How may we spend our Utility Conservation Program money?

    Please spend your funds within one year. Schools are encouraged to use their award money to continue current conservation projects or begin a new one. It is up to each school to determine what they would like fund at their school, and to manage the spend‐down of their Utility Conservation account. Schools are not required to submit any formal reports on how they spent the award money.

    Spending Recommendations and Ideas for Conservation

    It is strongly recommended that the school Green Team decide how the school best use the funds provided. Some examples of past projects include: repairing window shades, supporting student Green Team meetings, field trips to the zoo/aquarium, building or maintaining a school garden, and purchasing tools for the custodian and building operators.

    Individuals should work closely with the school Administrative Secretary, Fiscal Clerk, and/or Principal before using any Utility Conservation Program money to ensure that their intended use meets current District practices.

    Do we have to participate in all three programs?

    No. Schools are automatically eligible for Shared Savings Awards. You may choose to apply for one or both of the Green Team Funding and/or Conservation Champion programs.

    How does the District fund these programs?

    The District tracks resource use each year, and when we save money by using less resources a portion of this money may be provided to the schools that save resources. Compared to the previous years, district‐wide energy and water use has decreased. Refuse has also decreased, while recycling increased. This has resulted in avoided costs, or costs that SPS has not had to incur, for these utilities. In accordance with SP6810, a portion of the savings is reinvested in Utility Conservation Programs to support conservation at a school level.

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