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    A Draft Action Plan for Accelerating Achievement for African American Males and Other Students of Color

    Draft Action Plan for 2015 - 2020

    At Seattle Public Schools, our fundamental aim is to ensure that each and every student entrusted to us attains high levels of academic achievement. While this is already a reality for some of our students, it remains a dream deferred for many others. That is why our top priority is to eliminate opportunity gaps and accelerate achievement for all students, without exception.

    For many years, our school system has not lived up to its commitment to a significant proportion of our students, especially our African American Males and other students of color. We can do better. We must do better.

    This draft Action Plan expresses our community-wide recommitment to improving educational experiences and learning outcomes for our traditionally underserved and underperforming students. We are committed to closing opportunity and achievement gaps for each and every student.

    - Dr. Larry Nyland