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    Planning for a Capital Levy

    Seattle Public Schools has begun planning for the next Building Excellence (BEX) Capital Levy. This will be BEX V, and it is expected to go to Seattle voters in February 2019. It will replace the BEX IV Capital Levy, which expires in 2019. ​

    January 2018

    Seattle Public Schools has issued a Determination of Significance and Scoping Notice on proposed BEX V Levy.  Public comment may be submitted by February 12, 2018.  For details, please visit SEPA/BEX V website.

    Fall 2017

    School Board Work Session

    The Sept. 26, 2017, School Board Work Session focused on BEX V Planning. This link will download the work session agenda and materials.

    School Board held its second work session on BEX V levy planning on December 13, 2017.  The materials presented at the work session can be viewed at this link.

    Boren K-8 Meetings

    As part of early discussions, meetings were held with Boren STEM K-8 to have a discussion about whether STEM could move to Schmitz Park so the Boren building could be used as an interim site while other schools are undergoing construction. The community was very against this idea, and at the meeting on Oct. 24, they were told that a move is off the table. The documents below contain comments, questions and answers from two community meetings. June 1, 2017 meeting
    Oct. 24, 2017 meeting

    Additional planning information will be posted as available. For BEX IV projects in progress and complete, please visit the BEX website.