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    During School Programs

    Instrumental Music
    Instrumental music is offered to 5th grade students. The program is designed to provide an introduction to and appreciation of instrumental music by providing 30 minutes of instruction each week in a number of different percussion, string and wind instruments.

    Safety Patrol
    Interested 4th and 5th grade students may apply to be a member of our school safety patrol. The safety patrol helps to direct traffic and serve as crossing guards on the intersection at 8th and 95th NE.

    Student Council
    Students from each of our classrooms, K-5, are elected to be representatives on our student council. The student council finds solutions to quality of life issues impacting Olympic View Students. Each year, the student council organizes a school-wide service project, and a variety of school spirit days.

    The Olympic View Compost Program
    The OV food waste program happens every school day in the lunchroom! This program is student-run by 22 fourth and fifth grader volunteers, know as the Compost Crew. They have visited West Woodland Elementary to observe its food waste program in action, and have received training from Seattle Public School’s Conservation Department and Cedar Grove Composting, Inc.

    OV Food Waste Recycling Makes an Impact
    We are so pleased with our compost program at school and our voluntary compost crew.  The children are becoming environmental leaders in the school community. Here's some ways that food waste recycling has helped in our school community and Seattle:

    1. We get to share our extra food with others. Anything that is unopened, such as yogurt cups, bags of chips, granola bars, applesauce cups, milk, juice and whole fruit can be dropped off at a sharing table where other kids can find something they like. Food left over at the end of each day is stored for the food bank who come twice weekly to pick up food. Food recovery to feed the hungry is a win for us and for the food bank.
    2. We reduce our garbage costs at the school.  The dumpster is emptied twice weekly, and we hope to switch to once weekly with a SMALLER dumpster soon! Also the garbage fees are taxed by the City of Seattle, food compost is not taxed. Composting is saving the school money!
    3. Recycling is good for the environment. Cedar Grove turns the leftover bits of lunches into beautiful and rich soil for our gardens. 

    Tips for Packing a Waste-free Lunch (from the US Environmental Protection Agency):

    Sandwiches in reusable containers
    Whole fruits without packaging
    Drinks in containers that can be reused such as a thermos; or recycled such as a can
    Snacks purchased in bulk and brought in reusable containers

    Don't include:
    Individually wrapped snacks
    Plastic baggies that are not reusable
    Disposable forks and spoons

    Did you know?

    Every year, Seattle sends 7,000 full train cars of garbage— approx. 400,000 tons– to a landfill in Oregon? Students and staff at OV should congratulate themselves for keeping 400 pounds of food waste out of the landfill weekly.

    Our Compost Crew is responsible for diverting this waste to make rich compost instead. We now only throw away 20-25 pounds of garbage weekly from the school and have just been given the go ahead to reduce our garbage dumpster size. Thank you all for doing your part to help create less garbage for Seattle. It’s a great way to take care of our school, our community and our city!

    After-School Programs

    OVPTA After School Enrichment Program
    The PTA after school enrichment program is weekly on Thursdays and has three different sessions each year.  Each session is typically six weeks long.  Look for sign up sheets in the early fall, early winter and spring.  Many diverse classes are offered including circus arts (taught by our PE teacher), Webkinz, scrapbooking, cake decorating, and spanish.

    Drama Production
    Olympic View Elementary has an outstanding after school drama program run by the PTA, that culminates in an amazing musical production by our 4th and 5th graders. For the past three years the play has been shown at the Nathan Hale Performing Arts Center to sold out shows. The plays have ranged from "the Princess Bride", a 50's version of "Midsummer's Night Dream", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "Alice in Wonderland", "the Three Musketeers" to "Sasprella", a western version of the classic Cinderella story conceived and adapted by David Drummond.

    Parent involvement is key to these shows and is represented in hundreds of ways, from producing the play, to costumes, choreography, props, scenery, and chaperoning.