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    Seattle Schools Incorporating ELF to Close Opportunity Gaps
    Posted on 06/01/2016
    Image of two students

    SPS is Incorporating ELF

    Seattle Public Schools is happy to announce schools are taking part in the Early Learning Fitness (ELF) Project to better serve Pre-K and Kindergarten students throughout the district and continue the district's focus on closing opportunity gaps.

    Research shows the brain is most active during physical movement and the ELF project takes advantage of that potential. ELF incorporates reading, writing, healthy eating, and brain-activating movements into students’ regular days. It is especially helpful for students with higher needs.

    SPS is able to grow the ELF project through a Partnership to Improve Community Health (PICH) grant. In addition to the grant, the University of Washington has made a commitment to provide funding for elementary schools not able to be included in the PICH grant. This will allow for every school to have access to this opportunity.

    Here's how the district is closing opportunity gaps.

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