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    SPS Partners with SDOT and Cascade Bicycle Club to Eliminate Opportunity Gaps
    Posted on 10/12/2016
    Image of children riding bicycles

    Partnering with the SDOT and Cascade Bicycle Club to eliminate opportunity gaps

    Seattle Public Schools (SPS) is partnering with Seattle’s Department of Transportation and Cascade Bicycle Club to eliminate opportunity gaps and accelerate learning for all students through a new, seven-year, joint program called “Let’s Go”.

    The announcement and demonstration of “Let’s Go” was recently held at Madrona K-8 School.

    “Let’s Go” provides all 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students, across the district, with pedestrian and bicycle safety education training using actual bicycles along a mock street course. During the three-week program students learn how to properly wear and fit a bike helmet, how to walk and bike safely, how to communicate with others along streets and trails, and they learn about “right of way”. “Let’s Go” is also promoting the district’s work to eliminate opportunity gaps.

    Attendance, nutrition, and physical education are a just few of the cornerstones that support the district's united commitment to eliminating opportunity gaps. “Let’s Go” promotes all three. 

    Eliminating opportunity gaps is the social justice issue of our time. SPS has the 5th largest academic achievement gap in the nation between white students and black students. We are making progress, but not fast enough.

    SPS recently announced a new awareness campaign to eliminate opportunity gaps called #CloseTheGaps. The district is kicking-off the #CloseTheGaps campaign the week of October 16-22 with a special emphasis on October 19. That is THE day we are asking students, families, staff, and community partners to engage and join the conversation in our united efforts to eliminate opportunity gaps.

    To help people engage in that work SPS also recently launched a new webpage dedicated to eliminating opportunity gaps.

    Here is more information on the district’s webpage detailing initiatives to eliminate opportunity gaps.

    Look for #CloseTheGaps #EOG #SPSUnited on social media and join the conversation.