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    Close The Gaps Campaign Launch Success
    Posted on 10/28/2016
    Teachers and students high five in the John Muir hallway

    Every Student. Every Classroom. Every Day.

    Seattle Public Schools (SPS) and Seattle Education Association (SEA) are united in our commitment to the success of every student in every classroom, every day.

    An unwavering commitment to ensuring racial equity in education anchors our work. This commitment was demonstrated last week with the launch of the #CloseTheGaps campaign and highlighted on Wednesday, October 19 as educators across the district led conversations and lessons with their students focused on racial equity and social justice.

    More than 2,000 educators affirmed that the lives of our black students and other students of color matter in our schools and classrooms by wearing t-shirts, buttons and stickers. Our educators’ actions prompted a community dialogue. Their actions brought to light the magnitude of our challenge and the collective commitment of SPS staff and leadership to racial equity in education.

    While we are making progress, for far too long, many of our students have had limited access to educational opportunities required for success. This is not the fault of our students, but the fault of the system.

    To support our students, we will continue to evaluate and address the practices that contribute to educational inequity. We will challenge ourselves to improve and transform in response to our internal reflection and feedback from our families, students, and community members. And together, SEA and SPS will continue to invest in four key strategies: positive learning, positive beliefs, positive relationships, and positive partnerships. As educators, it is our responsibility to eliminate opportunity gaps and accelerate learning for each and every student. It is the issue of our time.

    Thank you to the many educators, family members, Seattle Council PTSA, and community partners for your show of leadership and support last week. In order to monitor our collective progress and stay engaged please follow the hashtags #EOG, #CloseTheGaps, #SPS on our Facebook and Twitter channels and visit our Eliminating Opportunity Gaps webpage.