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    For the 17-18 school year we are requiring all CBOs requesting student level data to complete a Data Sharing Agreement and consent through the parent consent forms or through the institutional service designation process. By default all CBOs will be set up with a secure Automated Data Report (ADR) account. The Source will be limited to organizations providing direct tutoring or case management services. Encouraging more CBOs to use the ADR instead of the Source will allow us to better support ADR users.

    Automated Data Report (ADR)

    • Series of 11 raw (CSV) reports that are refreshed weekly
    • Identifiable current and historical data
    • Data is comprehensive and includes student demographics, assessments, course marks, attendance and discipline.
    CBOs with data sharing agreements will have access to a secure account and delivered the ADR weekly.

    Anticipated timeline 4-6 weeks.

    The Source
    • Parent portal
    • Student profile view
    • Limited data included:
      • Elementary student data includes attendance, school information and assessments.
      • Secondary student data includes attendance, school information, assessments and course and assignment grades.
      • Source use by teachers is optional
    • Source Tour for CBOs.
    If your organization is providing intensive case management or tutoring and would like access to the Source please email a request to Nick Hernandez,

    Anticipated timeline 4-6 weeks.