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    Huchoosedah Logo
    Huchoosedah Native Education Program
    Title VII Parent Advisory Committee
    JSCEE room 2010
    March 9, 2017 5pm to 6:30pm

    In attendance: Gail Morris, Kay Fiddler, Emma Medicine White Crow, Boo Balkan, Vesta Scott Carter, Seattle Indian Health Board, Shana Brown, Tonia Galindo, Annette Sandburg, Chandra Hampton, Amy Markishtum

    The meeting at 5:35 with a prayer and introductions

    SIHB – Vesta Circles of Care planning project for Alaskan Native youth in King County – monthly meetings – Saturday, suicide awareness workshop hosted by Dallas Pinkham. Gathering in August. Community advisory boards held at Cowlitz 10am to noon. Gift cards to those who participate. Wellness, mental and behavioral health.



    • Shared some student work. Why is the land so important? Lovely stories were shared.
    • Shana is currently at Broadview Thomson and Robert Eagle Staff next year.



    • Working with Marni Campbell the principal at Robert Eagle Staff.
    • Is hoping to ask Andrew Morrison to do a logo for the Boo’s classroom.
    • Tribal blessing, for Donna Eagle Staff September 5th – 11am? Community feed. One blessing for the whole campus.
    • Huchoosedah is not moving to the Eagle Staff building. This was never the plan. They are going to be located at Meany. The location is centrally located making it easier to serve all schools.
    • Culture night at Boren Stem will continue. They have been wonderful, welcoming partners.
    • Culture night in north end to be determined since the current location, Lincoln is closing.
    • Rich is a year round para. He will be working his credit retrieval, summer school and other programming.
    • Gail has written a grant for homeless students. To help with hotel rooms for them. Presentation for homeless coalition. Preventative family homelessness. Best start for kids $40k along with chief Seattle club. She will let everyone know if they get the grant.
    • Title 6 Grant – hasn’t come in yet. In fact, no one has received it. Waiting.

    Summer school:

    • SPS High school – June 28 – July 28 at World School
    • Huchoosedah K5 Summer literacy July 30 – august 11 (location to be determined)
    • Lacrosse, 90 minutes, coach and player for the national Iroquois.
    • Food knowledge


    • 328 teachers in sps have been trained.
    • fourth grade teachers will be taught throughout the district
    • Other training will be made available for principals, ed directors, and the school board
    • TRI Dates for community will be made available.



    • Spoke of how important it is to find allies at a school.
    • * Parent training – Indian Education working with homeless children or unaccompanied youth.

    End of year celebration:

    The last day of school is June 26. The committee looked at dates that wouldn't conflict with other events. After looking at our calendars, Emma made a motion to hold the event on June 8th. Tonia seconded. It was unanimous.

    Boo’s classroom logo:

    • Boo wants to speak to her students about designing a logo.
    • What criteria is there for the final product to ensure it is usable for printing and other uses?