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    Seattle Public Schools Native Education
    Title Vll, Parent Advisory Committee Meeting
    Thursday October 13, 2016
    JSCEE/Central Office
    Room 2010 (second floor)
    2445 3rd Ave. South
    Seattle, WA 98124

    Meeting brought to order at 5:10pm by President Anne Medicine Whitecrow
    Present: Chandra Hampson, Tonia Galindo, Gail Morris, Chandra Hampson, Emma Medicine White Crow, Amy Markishtum, Boo Falkan Foster, Aimee Medicine Whitecrow, Llulani Hernandez, Janine Tillotson, Moyesa Offord, Pam Nason, Amy Olive, Alexis Merculief, Susan Welsh, Nickolaus Lewis, Timber, Talon, Luken, Nalin, Aiden, Jael.
    Welcome: Thank you to families and staff for leadership.

    Kay Fiddler calls and sends apologies and requests to stay on PAC Board. Chandra moves to reappoint board as Elder on the Board. Tonia Seconds. Motion passes.

    Board Meeting Update: Haida Heritage performed. STI update given to Board, trained 328 teachers so far. Waiting for School Board to provide funding to train all 4/5 teachers this year. Janine asked we be present in all Principal meetings. Gail got us fast tracked to present at Principal meeting before end of calendar year. Will look to get John McCoy to present STI to Principals. Duwamish resolution passed.


    Huchoosedah Updates: Doing Native American History Month Board Presentation on November 2, and we’re going to have kids come in from K-12 from all areas and backgrounds representing. Will send out more information. Huchoosedah is sending surplus school supplies out to Standing Rock, Hanford McCloud from Nisqually is taking them. Had a meeting with Rebecca Remle and she’s going to volunteer as a nurse.

    Gail needs to hire new Interventionist and needs time to interview some individuals that have applied.

    Going to do a spotlight for Native American History month. Wants to invite Shawn Middleton to talk about trauma in Native students and another night on Native identity and will ask Louie Gong to speak to educators. Event is for the whole community but want educators and administrators to attend. Wanted to do a dessert with is so families can come and enjoy. Open to suggestion.

    Culture night will resume November. Starting January 1st Monday at Boren Stem and 3rd Monday at Licton Springs. Have always partnered with United Indians for Holiday Supper. Red Eagle Soaring comes to perform.

    Motion to agree to December the 19th by Tonia, Amy Seconded. Motion passed.

    Offering clock hours would help get educators there noted by Boo. Hoping to see what needs and interests are at the event and then use the input and use it to build program for and would get clock hours.

    Writing a grant to Muckleshoot. Need budget and content for the grant and how are we partnering (Elders, Veterans) as well as how it impacts Tribe. What to respective Tribes offer their kids when they graduate on the rez. Take a look at who we’re serving and connect back to those Tribes.

    Parent Leadership:  
    Emma Medicine Whitecrow Elected President
    Chandra Hampson Elected President
    Amy Markishtum Elected Secretary
    Elder Representative: Kay
    Members at Large: Tonia, Aimee, Moyesa, Colleen
    Teacher: Shana Brown
    Student: Nasee

    Calendar (see above)

    Next Meeting:

    Meeting adjourned by Emma Medicine White Crow at 6:35pm.

    Next meeting November 10th, 5pm

    Minutes submitted by Chandra Hampson, Veep.

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