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    Equity, Partnerships and Engagement

    In 2015, Superintendent Nyland declared that eliminating opportunity gaps is THE issue of our time.  In 2016, he reaffirmed the declaration and the Strategy and Partnerships division began the work to sync and synthesize this message across all work streams, with multiple departments, and to our key stakeholders who support Seattle Public Schools' work to improve outcomes for all students.  Eliminating opportunity gaps (EOG) became an acronym that is now in our everyday language.  The key strategies of the 4Ps: positive learning, positive beliefs, positive relationships and positive partnerships, is the lens through which we view our work.  In addition, the division manages the district's high priority initiatives to eliminate the opportunity gap. 


    The Department of Racial Equity Advancement (DREA) leads the district's collaborative work in the areas of racial equity policy and practice as well as culturally responsive professional development. Equity and Race Relations webpage

    Our Leveraged Partnerships include:

    Creative Advantage
    City of Seattle
    Seattle Housing Authority
    The Casey Family Foundation
    The Gates Foundation
    Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD)

    The Research and Evaluation department supports the district's students, schools and central office departments as well as internal and external partners through a wide variety of student academic data analysis and reporting. Research and Evaluation webpage


    Contact Us:

    Dr. Brent Jones
    Chief Equity, Partnerships & Engagement Officer

    Dr. Keisha Scarlett
    Executive Director, Equity & Engagement

    Dr. Concie Pedroza
    Director, Dept. of Racial Equity Advancement (DREA)

    James Bush
    Director, Partnership Alignment 

    Jeanne Suleiman