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    Public Outreach Results

    The purpose of the Bell Time Analysis is to determine how a change in the start and end times (i.e. bell times) of Seattle Public Schools could affect not only the operations of Seattle Public Schools, but District partnerships and stakeholders, as well.  Essential to understanding how a change could impact, either advantageously or adversely, District stakeholders, is to engage the community through targeted outreach initiatives.  For the bell time analysis, outreach initiatives were employed to support the collection of community input reflective of the District’s regional, racial, ethnic, and social diversity.

    Bell Time Analysis Task Force - 30 member task force met between November 2014 and July 2015 to study and acquire a deeper understanding of the bell time issue

    Neighbor-to-Neighbor (N2N) - innovative option for community discussion on important topics, fostering greater two-way communication and collaboration with community

    Bell Time Online Survey - Online and paper-based survey, translated into nine languages in addition to English, targeting parents, community members and staff of Seattle Public Schools

    Student Climate Survey: Bell Time Analysis - Annual survey administered to most students throughout the District to measure their opinions on a variety of education-related topics

    How can I get involved and provide my input on this issue?

    Seattle Public Schools is working to successfully engage the community and solicit feedback on important topics and decisions being made within the district. A change in the start and end times of the school day have the potential to affect the entire community, and it is important the district hear from you on the positive and negative impacts of such a decision.

    In addition to the familiar updates and notifications from the district, a new community engagement program called Neighbor-to-Neighbor was implemented to help facilitate discussions on important topics, like bell time changes, and collect your thoughts and feedback for the district. For more information, please visit the Neighbor-to-Neighbor site. This was in conjunction with the Bell Time Online Survey distributed around the community from Seattle Public Schools in April and May to ask your opinion on bell time changes and any positive or negative impacts it could have on your family. Results will be available soon!

    Community Meetings will be held across the District in September and October of this year (2015).  The Superintendent is seeking additional community Input before making his final recommendation to the School Board. The fall meetings will provide an opportunity for feedback on the recommendation.  At each meeting, the Superintendent's Recommendation will be presented, after which questions will be taken and feedback collected.