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    Seattle Public Schools examines school start and end times (bell schedule)
    Posted on 03/02/2015

    The Seattle School Board adopted a resolution last spring directing the Superintendent to analyze district systems to determine the feasibility and impacts of later start times for adolescents. School schedules are interdependent on numerous systemwide factors involving transportation, before and after school programs, staff contracts and family schedules. SPS is engaging stakeholders – teachers, students, principals, community partners and others – in order to determine the full benefits and consequences of changing start and end times.

    A Bell Times Advisory Task Force with a wide range of representatives has begun the process of studying the issue and gathering input. The committee will ultimately provide analysis and recommendations to Superintendent Larry Nyland. The superintendent will develop a final recommendation based on district staff and community input, a detailed analysis on operational impacts, and the work of the task force, with additional opportunities for stakeholder input. The outcome of this work is to maximize the conditions for student learning, health and achievement.

    A Bell Times Fact Sheet lists the current schedule of start and end times as well as a timeline for this work.

    To learn more about this initiative, please visit the Bell Times Advisory Task Force webpage