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    Naramore Art Show 2019

    Naramore Art Show posterThe Naramore Art Show celebrates over 200 artworks by Seattle Public Schools middle and high school students at the Seattle Art Museum’s Community Corridor  and it's FREE!

    Exhibition dates:
    April 3 - May 26, 2019

    Awards Ceremony & Teen Night Out:
    May 3, 2019, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. 

    Seattle Public Schools has held the Naramore Art Show since 1985 to celebrate the success of our highest achieving arts students and share their learning with our community.

    Floyd A. Naramore, whose name is honored by this exhibition, was a visionary architect who invested deeply in his community and in the education of our students. He designed over 22 schools, including Roosevelt, Garfield and Cleveland high schools, and several middle school buildings.

    2018 Naramore Winners

    Best in Show
    Eleanor Maul, Roosevelt High School


    1st: Sabine Hopper, Ballard High School
    2nd: Yonjae Choi, West Seattle High School
    3rd: Ashly Brown, West Seattle High School
    3rd: Ada Suciu, Garfield High School

    1st: Yonjae Choi, West Seattle High School
    2nd: Zella Grote, Ballard High School
    3rd: Daphne Lee, West Seattle High School
    3rd: Ada Suciu, Garfield High School

    1st:  Miyah Rosenfeldt, Ballard High School
    1st:  Laila Smith, Ballard High School 
    2nd: Quinn Fitzgerald, West Seattle High School
    3rd:  Jalia Setel, Roosevelt High School

    Mixed Media
    1st:  Wayke Hill, Ballard High School
    2nd:  Adrian Metzlar, West Seattle High School
    3rd:  Mika Kitazumi, NOVA High School

    1st: Meghan Gottschalk, Nathan Hale High School
    2nd: Samantha Patrick, Franklin High School
    2nd: Apinya Abrahamsen, Roosevelt High School
    3rd: Jack Durham, West Seattle High School 

    Middle School
    1st:  Kai Spratt, Salmon Bay K-8
    2nd: Naomi Geist, Hazel Wolf K-8
    3rd: Darby Moore, Salmon Bay K-8
    4th: Jimmy Ta, Denny International Middle School
    5th: Luka Jambresic, Hazel Wolf K-8