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    The $694.9 million Building Excellence IV (BEX IV) Capital Levy was approved by more than 72 percent of Seattle voters in February 2013. It supports the District’s long-range plans to upgrade and renovate aging school facilities and address enrollment growth. Since 1998, the BEX I, BEX II and BEX III voter approved levies have allowed the District to replace or renovate 37 buildings. BEX IV continues the work to replace or modernize district buildings, infrastructure and technology with previous levies. It will allow the district to address earthquake and safety issues, capacity needs, building condition and infrastructure improvements, and major preventive maintenance needs throughout the school district. BEX IV projects were chosen based on four criteria as approved by the School Board: safety and security, capacity needs, building condition, and maximizing flexibility for programs and services.

    Capital Projects Map

    17 Major Building Projects

    Seventeen major building projects will result in new schools, replacement schools or modernized schools. By replacing or renovating school buildings, Seattle Public Schools is not just creating better learning and teaching environments. These projects also reduce the maintenance backlog by updating or replacing aging structures.

    BEX IV Monthly Status Reports

    Click on school name below to view project information:

    37 Earthquake Safety Improvements

    Earthquake safety will be included in the new, replaced or re-purposed or modernized schools. Earthquake safety work will be done at 37 additional schools using BEX IV Levy funds.

    Other Projects

    • Cedar Park Elementary School renovation
    • Integrated security cameras at 19 schools
    • Lunchroom additions at two schools (Green Lake Elementary and McGilvra Elementary)
    • New science labs at four schools
    • Roofing work at five schools
    • Field and/or track upgrades at five schools
    • Planning for a downtown school
    • Classroom technology improvements in all schools
    • Academic and business operations technology updates
    • Technology infrastructure work
    • Wireless Deployment Project

    This map shows major BEX IV projects as well as major projects completed under BEX I, BEX II and BEX III.

    The 2013 Levies Information Brochure was sent to voters in February 2013. It provides information on the BEX IV and Operations Levies and the specific building projects.

    BEX IV Planning Study: Delivering BEX IV K-5 Capacity in Northeast Seattle

    1. Summary of Options and Recommendations
    2. Comparison of Cedar Park and Lake City Sites: Delivering of 400 K-5 seats
    3. Reports from Study and Analysis of Three Options as Alternatives to Current Plan to Construct 650-seat New Northeast Elementary School

    Intermediate Term Capacity Management (ITCM) Frequently Asked Questions