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    2018 Facilities Master Plan Update

    On Oct. 30, 2018, the Seattle School Board accepted the latest Facilities Master Plan. As part of the plan, all district properties were reviewed. The information helped determine priorities for the Building Excellence V (BEX V) Capital Levy. BEX V has been approved by the School Board to go before Seattle voters on the Feb. 12, 2019 election.

    Download the 2018 Facilities Master Plan adobe PDF icon

    Facilities Master Plan Project Prioritization 2015

    Facilities Master Plan Project Prioritization 2015 provides information regarding Seattle Public Schools Facilities Master Plan and a proposed project prioritization listing for future BEX levies.

    2012 Facilities Master Plan

    Seattle Public Schools 2012 Facilities Master Plan was adopted by the School Board in February 2012. This document provides planning information for a period of 10 years, to school year 2021-22. It guides the future direction of facilities improvements.

    2010 Facilities Master Plan

    Seattle Public Schools 2010 Facilities Master Plan Update, adopted by the School Board on January 18, 2006, is available in PDF format and needs to be read by Acrobat Reader program. If you do not have the program, please click here to get Acrobat Reader for free.

    Cover Page
    School Board Action Report
    School Board Action Report Addendum
    Table of Contents
    Executive Summary
    Chapter 1 - Introduction and Background
    Chapter 2 - The Update Process/Update Goals
    Chapter 3 - Planning Assumptions, Principles and Classifications (revised May 10, 2007)
    Board Action Report May 16, 2007
    List of Buildings
    Revision to FMP Chapter 3
    Chapter 4 - Demographics, Enrollment Projections, Capacity Analysis, Student Assignment Plans, District Restructuring, and Program Impacts
    Chapter 5 - Community Use and Administrative Space
    Chapter 6 - School Facilities Guidelines, Facilities Inventory and Landmarks
    Chapter 7 - Next Steps
    Appendices - Bibliography

    Appendix A - FMP Updated Schedule
    Appendix B - Public Comments
    Appendix C - Facilities Data Matrix
    Appendix D - Historic Schools Task Force
    Appendix E - Lincoln High School Community School Model
    Appendix F - Enrollment Projections by Grade
    Appendix G - Deleted
    Appendix H - Board Beliefs
    Distribution List

    2020 Facilities Master Plan

    The Seattle Public Schools adopted a facilities master plan on March 26, 2008 - the 2020 Facilities Master Plan.  The primary focus of the Facilities Master Plan is to concentrate on major renovations, and building replacements while simultaneously addressing deferred maintenance projects in other school buildings. The FMP was updated following initial research, data gathering, and community input. Also, School Board work sessions on the FMP were held on January 23 and February 27 of 2008.

    The 2020 Facilities Master Plan is available by clicking the links below:
    Chapter 1-5
    Chapter 6-11

    Appendices A-B
    Appendices C-H

    An amendment was made to the 2020 Facilities Master Plan on November 18, 2009. The School Board Action Report is available at
    2020 FMP Report

    The revised pages 37-41 of the 2020 Facilities Master Plan can be viewed at 2020 FMP Revisions

    Another amendment was made to the 2020 Facilities Master Plan on April 21, 2010. It included a revised pages 37-41 of the 2020 FMP.