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Supplies for the 2022-23 School Year

Olympic View and the OVPTA have some big news!

You won’t have to think about First Day of School Supplies now! While you’re enjoying your summer, the PTA will be shopping for deals and making bulk purchases of all the basic school supplies per the OV teachers’ supply lists.

We’re doing this (following the example of many other PTAs) to promote equity and to remove the burden of shopping for school supplies from families. All OV students will have the same high-quality pencils, markers, folders, etc., to begin the school year strong! And we’re pretty sure that it will cost you less than it would to buy them individually.

In September, your student’s desk or classroom will be stocked with all the requested supplies. The PTA will let OV families know what the cost will be for each student’s supplies, by grade level (each grade is usually a little different). Families can then send payment for your student(s) to the PTA easily via the PTA website (, or by cash or check, for your student’s supplies. That’s all there is to it!

Thank you for supporting this effort!