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    Meet the School Counselor

    My name is Katy Vancil and I have been the counselor at Olympic View since 2018. My roots are in Eastern Washington where I began my career in 2010 as a high school counselor, eventually spending any years as a middle school counselor before moving to Seattle with my family in 2015. I enjoy working with students, but I especially appreciate partnerships with families and community members.

     My roles at Olympic View are as follows:

    • Guidance and school counseling core curriculum including RULER, bullying lessons, and college & career lessons

    • Individual student planning as it pertains to goal setting

    • Short-term counseling services to respond to immediate issues, crisis, and disruptive behavior as well as referrals to outside counseling services

    • System support by being involved in obtaining social services, input on special education programming, input on 504 Plans, and input on response to intervention

    If you have any questions or concerns about your student, please call or e-mail at 206-252-5509 or


    Contact Information

    Katy Vancil

    Phone: 206-252-5509

    Hours: Monday-Wednesday-Friday during school hours

    Office Location: Room 129