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    Hello from Your School Nurse!


    Telephone during the COVID-19 closure:  206-252-5507, email:,

    Olympic View Office Telephone: 206-252-5500, Secure Fax: 206-743-3157, Days Available: Tuesday/Thursday

    Welcome Olympic View students!  I am Jennifer Ridgeley, your School Nurse. My job is to support your child’s health and learning this year during these challenging times.

    As we begin this new school year, please know that Seattle School nurses have been working behind the scenes to prepare for a safe return to in-class education and strategizing to support students and families during remote learning.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear the importance of health and health safety. At OV, health and safety is our highest priority. During remote learning, I will be reaching out to check in with students who have a health concern and to connect with students and families who may need extra support. Please let me know if you would like to hear from me. I can speak to you on the phone, or through online platforms.

    I can help you sort out possible COVID-19 symptoms and to access help for testing. A wide variety of resources can be found at King County Health. You can access free COVID-19 screening at home through the Public Health SCAN program. Use the code SCANKIDS as a quick way to bypass the daily limits for testing.

    To prepare for a healthy and safe 2020-21 school year, please provide updated health and medication information on your child before the first day of school in September. Please complete the Annual Student Health Update form either online or in PowerSchool (Sept 1-30), by the paper copy in the first day packet or by letting me know by email or phone.

    During this time of remote learning one of the most important things you can do is to make sure your student’s immunizations are up to date and schedule a flu shot for your student and family members. Those two things will help keep you and our community healthy.  SPS is scheduled to have drive-through flu shot clinics, the information and locations will be updated on this link. Children who are uninsured may qualify for a no-cost flu vaccination at these drive-throughs.

    Health Information Important for the New School Year:

    Immunizations Up to Date?

    If you received a letter from Health Services requesting information about immunizations, please make sure that your child has completed the immunization(s) listed and provide documentation of the immunization to the school nurse. NOTE: The personal exemption for measles is no longer allowed. For school attendance, students must have proof of measles immunization. Exemptions for medical or religious reasons are still allowed.

    Immunizations are mandated by state law to help keep your child and our community safe and healthy.

    Health Updates

    Please report any health issue your child has that could impact safety and learning at school to the school nurse. You can contact the nurse directly by phone or e-mail. Or fill out the online student verification form in PowerSchool (September 1-30) or online (Annual Student Health Update).

    Medication Form

    Complete the Authorization for Medications Taken at School , one for each medication, signed by you AND your health care provider. This is required for ALL medications at school.



    All medications must be in their original container with a pharmaceutical label. Emergency medications must be in the building on or before the first day of school for in-person learning.

    *Check medication expiration dates! Try to get medications that will cover the entire school year.

    Be COVID Smart

    Know How to Limit the Spread of Covid-19 and Practice These Steps:

    • Avoid close contact with other people
    • Cover your nose and mouth with a mask when around other people
    • Wash your hands frequently
    • Keep hands away from your face
    • Stay 6 feet apart from other people
    • Cover sneezes and coughs
    • Use the Public Health SCAN program if you worry your child may have symptoms


    Again, welcome and let me know if I can be of assistance to you.

    - Jen