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    Spring 2018 After-School Enrichment

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    OR: Pick up a packet from outside the office or contact Brandy to have one sent home with your student

    Priority deadline for registration forms is Monday, April 2nd. ​Open enrollment will be available through Friday, April 6th, as space is available. After April 6th, enrollment closes and students can no longer enroll in a Spring classes. Please note that we will be waiting to collect payment until after class confirmations are sent home. Your student will bring home a form indicating which class they are assigned to, whether or not a scholarship was granted and what your balance due is.

    Please note:​ in order to be considered for a scholarship you must return your form by the ​April 2nd deadline.

    Please keep in mind the following information:

    1. Classes run for 8 weeks on ​Thursdays, April 19th - June 7th.
    2. Classes begin at 2:40 p.m. and end promptly at 3:40 p.m. Please be ON TIME to pick up your student(s).
    3. Priority deadline is ​April 2nd​. Submit your form online, to your teacher or drop it off in the office.
    4. Open Enrollment is available until April 6th.
    5. Payments are due after class confirmations are received but no later than ​April 19th ​and can be turned in via check made out to: OVPTA, or online at ​​. Please write the student’s name on the check or indicate their name when making a payment online.
    6. Transportation is not formally provided by the PTA or the school.
    7. Students will go to the cafeteria at 2:25 p.m., check in and receive a small snack. Instructors will pick up students from the cafeteria and then begin class.

    Contacting Parents: ​Please note that although you can reach Brandy and Stephanie at 425-409-9176 this is not the number you will see when we contact you since we are using Google Voice. When we call you it will come from one of two 913 area code phone numbers.

    Scholarships: ​There are an extremely limited number of scholarships available for Winter Session. If you are requesting a scholarship, you must turn your form in ​on time​ to be considered (April 2nd). Scholarships are selected through a lottery system and must be approved by school administration.

    Donate Time or Money! ​Would you like to donate to our After-School Scholarship fund? You can simply add your donation to your check or online payment. See the registration form for more info! If you would like to volunteer your time please contact us at ​​ Thank you!!!

    Participate! ​The PTA is always looking for help to make the After-School Enrichment Program better and stronger. Many of the class instructors will offer an ​extra scholarship​ if a parent will help the instructor during class! If you are interested, please ​contact us​ at ​​ as soon as possible and we can tell you what opportunities are available for Fall Session.

    Teach a class!​ Do you have a special talent or skill you’d love to share with the kids? Our goal is to provide affordable options for students. When parents offer to sponsor classes, costs can be lowered to more accessible levels, and our After-School Program becomes even more a part of our community.

    Offer transportation!​ Many students cannot participate because they do not have transportation home. If you can offer transportation, please mark this on your registration form.

    Interested in helping? Have questions? Need to discuss a payment plan?