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    Spring 2018 After School Enrichment Classes

    PIANO-KEYBOARD CLUB by Musical Minds
    Kids will have the opportunity to learn to play their favorite songs and music on electric keyboards. Radio hits, movie and television themes are made so easy, that our participants will be playing them after the very first class! The club is a combination of keyboard piano lessons and a music learning workshop, which uses a clever visual method to teach the basics of music reading and piano playing. We want our students to stay motivated and continue to want to learn to play music, whether they like Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars or Beethoven. We have music from Frozen, Stars Wars, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, and lots more. Each participant has his/her own keyboard supplied during the class, along with headphones, books and other materials are included.

    Grades: K- 5​ ​Minimum Students:​ ​7 Maximum Students: 18 Cost: $175

    Circus Arts with Ms. Bruecher (No class May 17th, No Make Up Session)
    Students will have the opportunity to learn how to unicycle, stilt, jump rope, perform and present skills to the class. Students will also be able to challenge themselves with different skill check off sheets. This is a "success oriented " class where everyone will thrive, have fun and improve.

    Grades: 2 - 5​ ​Minimum Students: 20 Maximum Students: 30 Cost: $60  

    Inspired By… Art with Jenny
    A little art appreciation, a little art history, a lot of making our own art! In each session we will learn about a different artist, look at some of that artist’s work, and then create an artwork inspired by that artist. Each project will use a different medium to best evoke the artist we are studying, including drawing, painting, sculpture and collage. Taught by Art Docent Jenny Hellmann. Come learn some art history and make masterpieces of your own!  

    Grades: K-5 Minimum Students: 4 Maximum Students: 20 Cost: $100  

    Trash to Treasure
    Make art using recycled materials with Seattle ReCreative! Using art-making and creative thinking, we will problem solve, work together, and have a blast! Each week will feature a different material and activity to inspire your child's imagination. From popsicle sticks to bottle caps, from fabric to cardboard, the creative possibilities are endless!  

    Grades: K-1 Minimum Students: 7 Maximum Students: 15 Cost: $135  

    Magic: The Gathering
    Magic is a great strategy game that combines elements of the game of chess and poker in which you bring your own pieces to play. This program will be geared for both new and experienced MTG players. Basic through advanced game mechanics and strategy will be covered, as well as good playing practices and good gamesmanship. Over the course of the session each participant will be provided a Planeswalker deck and additional booster packs. Students are allowed to play either with the provided deck or any other deck they bring from home.  

    Grades:​ ​3-5 ​ ​Minimum Students: 6 Maximum Students: 12 Cost: $80 (Scholarship for Parent Volunteer)  

    The Art Workshop
    Learn and create fun fine art projects which include Anime, Drawing and shading, Pastel painting, Sculpting with clay, Mixed media, and more. All Supplies are included.  

    Grades: K – 5​ ​Minimum Students: 8 Maximum Students: 25 Cost: $118  

    Junior Outdoor Wilderness
    Outdoor Wilderness will be a blast learning through adventure! Join us as we turn Olympic View's playground into our own wilderness. We'll play games, spending time enjoying the outdoors, and while we are at it we'll learn outdoor living skills, like making our own shelters, navigating around our own OV wilderness using orienteering skills, and lots and lots of team building activities. All our activities will be a combination of energetic games, team activities, leadership opportunities, and self-reliance. We have great activities for all weather, and shelters to stay out of the weather if it rains. Even so, a raincoat is recommended!  

    Grades: K-2 Minimum Students: 5 Maximum Students: 18 Cost: $158  

    Let’s Juggle!
    Have you ever wanted to juggle? Do you know that you already know how to juggle? You do! Come find out how to improve your juggling skills. We’ll explore a variety of objects for juggling, and kids will craft their own practice balls to take home! 

    Grades: 2-5 Minimum Students: 5 Maximum Students: 10 Cost: $45  

    Roll up your sleeves, let your imagination soar, and let's play with clay! You will learn a variety of hand building techniques as you make fun, creative projects that will last a lifetime. Projects will be painted with an assortment of bright colors to choose from and then fired in a kiln creating a finished look to your piece. Our last project will be painted using a cold finish, which is craft paint and can be taken home that same day. We will make everything; from animals and picture frames, to monsters and seasonal/holiday projects, and so much more! Just a little reminder...we get a little dirty in here but everything is washable.  

    Grades: K – 5​ ​Minimum Students: 10 Maximum Students: 18 Cost: $100  

    Sensational Science
    Join Mad Science for an illuminating session of lights, sights and sounds as we explore the science of senses. We’ll translate sound waves and examine the characteristics of sounds, reflect on the properties of light and be dazzled with a spectrum of color, and consider our sense of smell as we put our taste buds to the test. We’ll probe the biology of sight by exposing optical illusions, learn how molecules move as we harness the energy of heat, and be awed with electrical charges as we create thunder and lightening with our hair-raising Van de Graaff machine. Every week offers a different hands-on topic that includes an educational take home project to continue the learning and fun at home.  

    Grades: 1 – 5 ​ ​Minimum Students: 12 Maximum Students: 18 Cost: $150  

    One on One After School Hoops
    Basketball is a unique sport that combines upper and lower body motor-skill learning with an intense cardiovascular workout. Our organization has decades of experience teaching this sport in a motivating, inclusive and age-appropriate manor. After School Hoops® makes three guarantees: your child will learn, sweat and have fun!  

    Grades: K-3 Minimum Students: 10 Maximum Students: 20 Cost: $120  

    Printmaking with Nancy
    Come learn how easy it is to make lots of copies of your art! In printmaking we’ll make a design, put that design onto a template, and then use that template to print pictures. Your template lets you easily make lots of different copies of your picture. Since it’s spring, we’ll make pictures of your favorite spring things, and at the end, we’ll turn your prints into a book that you’ll take home.  

    Grades: 1-5 Minimum Students: 5 Maximum Students: 12 Cost: $60  

    Lego Robotics
    Lego Robotics will use the Lego WeDo 2.0 core set to build solutions to various STEM problems, introducing your child to computational thinking, problem solving, collaboration and debugging. They will work in teams of two to design, build and debug their solution using the modular Lego motor, motion sensor, tilt sensor and a smart hub that runs the software they will write. The programming is done with a visual drag-and-drop interface on an iPad. Each class will build upon knowledge gained in prior classes, but there is lots of room for adaptation.  

    Grades: 2-5 Minimum Students: 4 Maximum Students: 10 Cost: $100  

    Technology and Coding with Mrs. Wright
    Students will continue their learning with Mrs. Wright and have the choice to go deeper with programs already taught in technology during the school day, such as working on “Typing Agent”, (with a coding feature), researching educational databases or learning the basics of coding with use of “Hour of Code”. 

    Grades: 2-5 Minimum Students: 20 Maximum Students: 27 Cost: $85