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This page offers options for donating to teachers and their classrooms.

Classroom Wish Lists


Ms. Cieslar K2

Ms. Heindl K1

Ms. Mora 100

First Grade

Ms. Fenigsohn 101

Ms. Geldenhuys 104

Second Grade

Ms. Abercrombie (1/2 Split) 108

Ms. Grace

Ms. Murphy 107

Ms. Schwab 106

Third Grade

Ms. Cooley 206

Ms. Cooper 207

Ms. Dunne

Fourth Grade

Ms. Mahlik P2

Ms. Pierce-Maiani Room 203

Fifth Grade

Ms. Boveng Room 201

Mr. Kreiter Room 200

Ms. Phillips Room 202

Additional Department Wish Lists

Ms. Nelson Focus K-2 Room 210

Ms. Jones Focus 3-5 Room 105

Ms. Law – Multi-Arts Room 212

Ms. Bruecher – P.E. Gym

SchoolPay Classroom Donations

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