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Ms. Roosma’s Corner

Virtue of the Month


What does it mean to be Grateful?

Grateful, gratitude, thankfulness or gratefulness….an appreciation felt by and/or
similarly positive response shown by the recipient of kindness, gifts, help favors,
or other types of generosity to the giver of gifts.

Last month we focused in on Generosity and Service. As we look this month
towards being Grateful we seek to continue to shift our focus away from selfish
thoughts or doing things for ourselves and more into what do we currently have
around us. While we focused last month on doing things for others and thinking
of others before ourselves, or focus became about our friends around us. This
season of life many exchange gifts, or desire to exchange gifts…always wanting
more. Seeing things we don’t have and wanting it. At O.V. we are looking to
focus on the things right in front of us. The things that bring a feeling of joy. The
moment a friend writes a letter to another friend and tells them “thanks for being
my friend.” We want to find things, moments where we can feel inside of each of
us…that feeling of gratitude, of joy.

Gratitude doesn’t always come naturally, it is something we have to practice.
Perhaps in your homes this month around the dinner/breakfast table, share
something you are grateful for. Maybe you saw the pinks and purples in the sky.
Maybe you were late for work and the traffic was clear and you got there on
time. If we the adults start talking about gratitude and sharing our moments with
our families, I think our kiddos may start to see gratitude all around them. If we
can find gratitude in a season where greed and wants seem to overtake us…I
think we will find that true happiness lies in what we see and in how we see what
takes place all around us.

Will you join me and my family in practicing gratitude this month?

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